Digital Marketing Services

I’m a digital marketing specialist with a focus on paid search. Since 2008, I’ve been operating under the business name Twelve Thousand, LLC. I work with small to mid-sized businesses on campaigns with budgets ranging from $800 to $50,000/month. Ask me how I can help you with your Google Ads management!


paid search consulting

I am a Google Premier Partner with over 15 years of experience managing paid search campaigns for dozens of clients. My specialty are small to mid-sized campaigns ($1000 - $30,000/monthly budgets). I run my search businesses under the name Twelve Thousand, LLC.


google ads audit

I provide Google Ads audits to companies that have been running Google ads for a while. I look at a variety of settings, performance over time, keyword setup and selection and other account nuances and provide a detailed report with recommendations to improve efficiency and performance.


Facebook ads management

93% of social media advertisers use Facebook and most of my clients run Facebook ads along with their search ads. I can help you launch, manage and optimize Facebook ads, audit existing campaigns, or simply provide backup if you want help managing your ads on Facebook and Instagram.


web analytics

Digital marketing comes with lots of data, but it can be overwhelming to keep track of it all, much less use it to inform actionable strategy. I create dashboard reports for my clients using Excel, Google Data Studio or Google Sheets which are focused on tracking goals, clarifying results, and providing high level performance data across multiple sources such as Bing, Google, and Facebook.